Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with Rudolf Kremers on DIYGamer

Wanted to direct you to a piece I put together for DIYGamer featuring Rudolf Kremers of Omni Systems. If you're unfamiliar with the name or company, there's a good chance you've at least heard of their title Eufloria. A seamlessly evolving RTS, wrapped in a beautifully ambient package.

It's really blissful stuff, I suggest you at least give the demo a try PC/Mac'ers; and those who own a PS3 can look forward to a PSN port sometime later this year.

Now for the picture break down: Rudolf is wearing a ballin' shirt. My hair is ridiculously long, and I'm representing my hometown with a t-shirt I bought from local awesome-shop Octopus Garden. Modestly priced whats-its and weird crap, stop by if you're ever passing through South-Eastern Washington.

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