Monday, March 5, 2012

An Update as I Head to the City of Rice-A-Roni

I haven't updated in forever, so let's do some catching up. Here's what I've been working on the past couple months:

A Valley Without Wind Launches This Month
I'm really excited about this. Chris, Keith, Pablo, and I have been working on Valley actively for well over a year now (with Josh joining in and contributing heavily along the way). It's become one of the single longest projects I've personally ever worked on (along with Blokes which I'll talk about next). And it'll be out this month!

We just moved into the final beta stage for the game, and have all sorts of new stuff to check out (trailer, screens, info, and such).

Blokes Kickstarter Filming Complete
Another item I'm ecstatic about; as it's also one of those year plus projects that just runs you through the full gamut of emotions. We completed filming the first two episodes of the comedy series with the success of our Kickstarter effort fueling our budget.

I'm out of town this week (more on that below), but after I return I'll be sitting down with the director to take a look at a cut of the footage. Blokes is something that has built a lot of momentum and given me a lot of confidence as it progressed. I both wrote and starred in what we've done thus far, so you can imagine how acute my feelings are for it. Specifically my hope for it succeed, and my fear that it may totally fail. That's yet to be determined, but based on how the shoot days went I feel really good about it.

We're hoping to have the episodes out of post production for everyone to see either this month or next. For now, you can check out a bunch of great photos of the shoot by Erik Fischer.

MCVonline US Correspondent
Being hired on at MCVUK was a really cool and unexpected development that came about back in December when they sent out word they were looking to add a US writer to their staff. I've followed along with MCV years ago when i was covering the AAA beat much more, and jumped at the opportunity to join a publication with a solid track record under its belt.

It took a bit of time to figure everything out, but it was finally announced a couple weeks back and I've been writing for them every weekday since. So far the work isn't daunting, and I love working with the guys in the UK office.

Anyway, add another gig to the list. ;)

I gave my first industry talk! I had a ton of nerves about it, but to combat that I prepared a bunch. It's all about making PR, marketing, and community management work for you as an indie developer. So if you're not that, or not into marketing you probably wouldn't be that into it.

For those who are, here it is (view a list of all the #AltDevConf videos here):

Off To GDC
I'm packing for San Francisco as I type this. I'll be in town all week for GDC, doing lots of cool stuff. So if you're around, look me up!

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